Energy Level High! ((Mwahahahha~))
Saturday, April 03, 2004
holidays....oh yeah ;)
12th huh? that's what? monday? which means your hols actually start on the 10th, saturday. which is good, since i get back on the 8th. oh good...i was worried i wouldn't get to see you guys. you all have no excuse to not see me. :P(and just email me his name for heavens sake) and i want to see the boys....and i'm sorry but i doubt there'll be a family thing cos going to be super busy when i get back ;)
Cool, you're coming back?! How long will ya be here? We've got hols starting on the 12th I think, and its a week long before we get back to skool. When are you going back? Hahhaha :p excuse moi for not answering thy email properly, but oh well XD Just had a bio test today, and... I actually said more than two syllables to him hahahah XD As to what his name is, I sure as hell ain't putting it on the blog :p since it *is* a PUBLIC blog,'ll never know if anyone is reading it or not! XD

Anywayz, gimme a call when ya get back yeah? (Although we're probably gonna be doing some family thing together) =) See ya soon girl!
Thursday, April 01, 2004
i'm coming homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
heyo....answer the email properly doink!!! heh heh...but since you're all cranky, i'll let it slide. we have a blog for a reason, no? anyway....get john to either call me, email me or tell me here on the blog. i don't want to wait till i get back to hear about it. and yes, i'm coming home. i arrive next week. i had no idea what to get john for his birthday, so i'm playing it safe and bringing him chocolates. and if he doesnt' tell me before i get back (about his predictions concerning that guy -what's his name again?) i'm not going to give him the chocolates, but will eat it all up myself instead! ha! (i'd probably give it away cos don't want to get any fatter...sigh)

do you guys have hols soon? as in...i'm coming'd be pretty stupid if you guys were in class and i never got to see you all. and hand over the birthday presents. (i've already done my shopping here for them...i pack on saturday!!!! yay!!! :))

dum dee daa...i have 3 hours straight after this. if you dont' hear from me again, it's because i've died from sheer boredom. (last two hours in an accounts lecture, and we all know how i feel about accounts....)
Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Hey girl, yeah I read your email and all, but haven't had the time to actually reply to it, so I think I'll do it here no? Tell that girl sorry, but you've spent way too much time on it to just let her copy it off you, and no f**king way will you let her plagiarise it. (Excuse the swearing, just had a darned gods-cursed early lecture this morning and I'm feeling rather cranky) Anyway, I'll get on the boys' cases to blog (although I think I'll seriously have to *prod* them hard with a pitchfork in order to get them moving). John been giving some way interesting predictions about that guy, but :p I think I'll let him tell you that. Or whatever. Blog soon.
Monday, March 29, 2004
blah two
blah again. and no one's blogging. and that stupid girl tried to corner me and get my court report AGAIN today. she so has to be kidding me.
Sunday, March 28, 2004
annoyed....i finished my court report, and there's this girl who has not done hers (and was supposed to go with us to court) and she's trying to borrow mine off me. you've gotta be kidding! i spent the whole afternoon yesterday working on it. like i'm going to just lend it to her.
Friday, March 26, 2004
i'm back
i'm baaaack....and i'm not bringing chocolates back for those who didn't email me!!!! :P
Monday, March 01, 2004
Uni uni uni!!
=) Heyloz pple, I'm reporting to you live from the Computer Lab 5 of Monash University Malaysia! Anywayz, I just moved into the hostel last night and am settling in kinda haphazardly and adjusting to room mates and house mates (thank god!) and also had my first two lectures. Nothing much up yet because there are still students coming in, so the true, true lectures only really start like about next week or so. Not many shops and nice places to eat around here (unless we hop off to Sunway Pyramid), so I'll probably be munching on cafeteria food for the rest of my life *sobs* Anywayz, you guys had better blog soon or I'll kick you all to the moons! XD
Monday, January 12, 2004
o_O No one has blogged in here for over 3-4 months T.T I would expect the boys to be totally engrossed with RO, but Gab =( you don't blog either (and neither did I XD).
Well this is the first post of the new year and *muakz* all the best to all of ya!
Sunday, October 19, 2003
How on earth can you check whether your brain has fried itself or not? Coz right now, mine feels like it's just been fried on a frying pan for more than a couple of hours. In other words, I've just gone through my Criminal Law notes for my test tomorrow, and by brain is well, totally dead, for lack of a better word. There's still the malay aural to get into my brain, but at this rate, I doubt I'll even know what? I think I'll die at the aural thing tomorrow. >________< Flunk BKA or something. Gods...they expect me to be fluent in malay on a topic about old people? I really don't think that's gonna happen when my brain is so thoroughly fried to dust and bits of cotton. Pah. That's my ranting done for the night, now I'm gonna go eat dinner.
Okokokok ^^;;;
*pokes stagnant blog* I blogged, you see? ^^;;; Does that count? Anyway XD as *Everyone* already knows... I got Streamyx!! XDXDXD >___________________________< and have also been subsequently dying under a pile of homework and ISUs But the Deepavali holidays are coming up, so that's all good. I'll get time to write my fics and to play RO ^^ Well...dunno what else to sayyyyyyyyyyyyy....hrm...I keep telling the boys to blog, but they seem too preoccupied with other stuff. Oh wells.
i'm not blogging anymore until one of you do. it's been 17 days since you guys last blogged.

ken, i really need brownies to cheer me up. really really really.
Friday, October 03, 2003
i can tell that all three of you have become ragnarok addicts :) i swear, it's NOT HEALTHY to be sitting in front of the computer so much people! (although i do do that a lot myself...) i'm curious about this game which has managed to take control over you guys, but i'm afraid I get addicted too :)

going over to flo's tomorrow morning to learn how to swim.....yup....i am among the sad many who would tragically perish if i somehow found myself in the middle of a lake, river, sea or ocean :)

bah...feeling restless and am in a "phooey" mood.....munching on a peach as well (yum yum) but the sweet peach is doing nothing for my phooeyness.

bah. bah bah bah.
Wednesday, October 01, 2003
of bums and tushes, and legal court cases...
bums and tushes....why do girls have bigger bums, and guys non-existant ones?

for some reason (no doubt my lack of sleep) i cannot remember how we got onto that topic...flo and i were in the car, and i, for the life of me, cannot remember how we started talking about your bums, boys. :) or would you rather i called it 'tushes'? that's actually a nice sounding word...sounds like the wind blowing in the trees, with all the "sh sh sh" noises....

anyway, its so true! ken, you so do not have a bum! i'm so jealous. i'd gladly give you some of mine, so that i'll have a smaller posterior, and you can have more padding to sit on :P

not that i've been looking at your bums. today was the first day i actually paid attention. haha...guy bums don't stick out very much....whereas girl bums...sighz. anyway, i really noticed that ken so doesn't have a bum. haha...i lifted his shirt and checked. john has a more obvious one, but i didn't get the chance to lift up his shirt and check. no, i assure you, i am not perverted. just bored.

as for court cases, i'll fill you guys in on everything when it's over tomorrow. :)
XD Ragnarok Online!!
Lol, as you can see for yourself, pple, the boys are waaaaay too busy playing Ragnarok Online to even bother to blog! :p I am busy playing it too, but a) my connection is a stinky 56K, so it's taking forever for the patches to download and stuff, so while I'm waiting I'll just blog, and b)I waited a whole day to play, so what's a few more minutes, right? But soon...soon! XDXD Mwahahahha~~

Btw, Charity Day today was a blast, although we sure didn't have as many booths as the SAM charity day had, so that was kind of a bummer. We were left with like, 4 buckets extra of KFC, and the hamper is still waiting in the CPU office to be collected.

Whoopee! Patches are all downloaded, so I'm off to play too! You *have* to join, Gab!
Saturday, September 27, 2003

utterly miserable.

it's not fair. my exams just ended. i should be out enjoying myself. instead, my nose leaks, my throat, head and eyes hurt. and i'm running a temperature.

sighz. was the anime thing today? really wish i could have gone. i need an airing. siiiiiiighz....was supposed to work on the case today with my co-counsel...but just couldn't. to top it off, my aunt and uncle from singapore are staying in the guest room downstairs, and the kids, though adorable, are noisy, and it's so not helping my headache.

i woke up at 5 something this morning, and i couldn't breathe. and couldn't sleep after that. i really feel like crap. really really really feel like crap. and my head hurt like mad...and i try not to get too used to taking finally took it at 7 something when i couldn't take it anymore.

shoot me, please?
Friday, September 26, 2003
Oh bother!
Hey girl! Glad to hear that your exams are finally over! Lol, must've been a pain in the ass huh? Well as fpr the orange shirt or Legolas comments :p you know what I'm trying to get at, right? Lol. Nobody else would do that! Btw, we had the most utterly grumpy day today.

We walked into MacD's and the monstrosity was sitting right there in the corner. Thank goodness the boys saw him and we quickly backed out and into Baker's Cottage, so he didn't see us. Then we had the English Society meeting, which went waaaaaaaaaaaaay overtime, and I was almost late getting to the airport to pick dad and Aunty Wendy up from the airport. Just totally urgh.

So very tired now, so I'm going to retire soon :p See ya'll soon!
p.s. oui! read through all the old blogs and only john mentioned the anime convention
p.p.s. keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen....brownies...puh-lease
p.p.p.s. john, if you're getting your gamecube this saturday, how come you're going for the convention? :) thought you'd lock yourself into your room with it and refuse to come out :P

finally!!! internet connection!!! oh yeah...exams are over too....woohoo!!!! but only for another month or so. after that, we have finals...*sniff**sniff* (literally...i think i'm down with a cold from all the stress and studying...hahaha)

internet connection has been out for the past day or idea why. was close to whacking the computer with my baseball bat, but refrained since it's new. i only start abusing them after they're at least a year old...hahaha :)

as for the mysterious mr X who made an utter ass of himself...weeeell....i'm not naming names :) but why does it have to be legolas or orange? why can't it be brian (who has been driving me mad cos he keeps calling when i'm studying and i don't want to pick up and i can't turn off my phone...), or even chia shin (who has been driving me mad cos when i call him to ask him a question-him being the smartest in my class- he refuses to put down the phone! and then his voice gets all low, and i get all freaked...) but...hahaha....i'm not naming names...

soooooo ken...what is your nick? can't beat "gamihuey", which is what i had to resort to... :) also, what anime convention...i vaguely remember it being mentioned (exam stress, so excuuuuse me!!!! :P) but you guys helpfully left out the necessary details such as when and where. you know how it is lah! have to provide details to the wardens before i'm released :) heh isn't that bad lah, but they do want to know, and so do i! so yeah, tell me and quick :)

as for falling in love...hmmm...well...i don't want to. not yet anyway. until i'm 110% absolutely sure that the guy has it bad, and is going to stick around. i don't want to fall only to get hurt....what's the general opinion on the whole situation? (fyi, i'm so not going to be nice to that skank anymore. so sick of trying to be nice to people who love to prove that they're cows. so no more polite'll be more of hostile looks...heh heh...amused i am, i am. it's the post-exam insanity coming out.)

i tell you, i so flunked accounts. no way in heck will i pass this one. and i'll be grateful if i pass (ha! now you know how bad it was) maths was okay i's to hoping my parents will be pleased and will let me step off the chopping block. haha...i've been giving them heaps of warning, by going "aiya...i'm dead i'm dead. but luckily it's only ten percent of internal" mom wisened up, and went "you're just saying that to brace me" which i didn't even bother disputing.

hmmm...what else? oh court case presentation next wednesday...may have to work with alicia (my co-chair) tomorrow for it. dead lah. stupid thing. but the group came over to my place to discuss it today, and halfway, we hit upon the crazy idea (yes it was my idea...the word "crazy" should have been a hint :P) to make it a musical!!! hahaha...we're gonna sing and dance...assuming our teacher allows it. but we aren't going to tell her. on monday, well ask if it can be fun and informal, while maintaining the necessary formality (although i have no idea how it'll be formal and informal at the same time.) should be fun!!! heh heh....insanity :)

anyway, guess that's it....muaks to all of you.

Thursday, September 25, 2003
Halo Again
Hehe.. Thank You Flora 'Che Che' :) Yes.. now u know why we always can't finish our labs in time ! Gabby! u have 2 come!! esp. when u have to let go of all the stress!! Just had dinner and now i have nothing to do .. I think i have homework but hmm.. that can wait lah :D Ugh.. 2 moro another LONG meeting with her majesty, Queen Fernandez! Sheesh.. Sadist!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! I wannnaa go home early and sleeeeeeeppp!! Gabby, wanna join the english society .. pretty please? it would be great especially if your a masochist!! hehe.. whatevr. I suppose gab will only blog 2moro after the exams are over.. And I wonder what Fong Yoon is doing now? Hmm... Let's See.. dl-ing anime and hmm cursing ms. nancy .. :)
-_____- The guys and their toys
Just helped the guys out in the chemistry lab just now, and you wouldn't *believe* how much they do NOT get done! Lol, they were fooling around and stuff, poking around chemicals and beakers and stuff, and I was trying to make them do their work.
Last day of exams is it? Lol, *poof* goes all the stress, so that's a good thing. Saaaaaay you'll go to the anime con dear!! You have to goooo!
Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Halo Halo
Hello everyone... Look! First Blog! Like my nick? Hehe, got it on the first try! Yeah, Ken went home early today. Met up with old frens, after a few hours u run out of things to say and hrmm.. gets kinda awkward after that ... especially when i haven't met him for a long time. Anywayzzz... How's exams gab? taking it's toll on u? Good luck! Soon it'll be over and u can go CRAZY!! yayy! U comin for the anime con? Pls come! The three of us are going right guys? And what's that i missed about love ? hrmmm.. is it who i think it is? gabby, u can tell us :).. how was the buddy system guys? although i'll find out from u 2moro anyway.. hehe.. me sooo sleepy me ready to fall on my bed and sleep. ZZZzzzzzzz... I think i'll be ghoing to sleep soon.. so i'll c u guys 2moro.. dun worry, i'll try not to forget to blog.. CYA all!! Mew Mew
And gab, i feel a cold coming.. oh no..... *coughrosscough*.. haha...
gnight guys!!
Darling dear, you sprained your hand? Hope you're feeling better. Is your last exam tomorrow or what? All the best :p Lol, in the canteen right now with our resident no.1 nutcase; Ken had to go home early for something, so it's just 2 of us now. Lol, ^^;;; lemme guess, this 'X' person could only be one or the other huh? So is it the one with the orange shirt or the one with a Will Turner (Orli) look alike? :p I think it's the Orli one though, and John thinks so too.

Btw, Ken finally signed up yesterday; you'll never believe what his nickname is! Lol, absolutely suits him! But he forgot to blog. -__________-;; So you can go butcher him if you wish :p

Yes, I told Cik Norah that you've got trials, and the exam is like the end of October or so.

O_O You're serious about the 'falling in love' bit huh? Geeeee...who else could it be? XD Although it's like sooooooooooo obvious *coughrosscough*

:p Lol, ta for now and see you around girl!
PS: Hey, I *did* tell you about the anime convention! It's like waaaaay down there in one of the old posts :p So I did my job, see? Going or not?
going insane...If I'm not already
Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got so much to tell you all...Only it's going to take forever to type out since I've gone and sprained my hand and am holding ice wrapped in a towel. So, am now trying to type with my left hand which isn't as easy as I thought. Stupid thing...Hurt it before playing tennis, and it went away, but sprained it again yesterday when doing econs. And I had a three hour legal paper today, and it was non-stop writing. I had to stop a few times cos my hand was swollen and throbbing. sighz. Hopefully the ice will help...Anyway, maths tomorrow so hopefully won't be that bad.

anyway....Before I go on...How have you guys been? Hi to you too, john...You're right, its been ages since we last had a good chat. And no, flo didn't tell me anything about an anime convention...oh oh...speaking of which...flo, did you remember to tell puan norah that i'm having trials? and when's the final exam? and where the heck is Ken???????????????????????????????????????

i've got the funniest thing to tell you guys...on sunday night, a certain someone...we'll call this person "X"...asked me what time i'd be going to bed. so i said around 11. at 11, X called, and trying to be cheeky, put on a low voice, going "so...are you ready for bed yet?" trying to make it sound as if X were trying to seduce me. thing is, my sister nicolette answered the call! i was on the phone with someone else when my sister knocked on my door. i picked up the phone to hear X going "oh shit oh shit oh shit". needless to say i howled with laughter when i found out what X had done. and promptly went and told mom after hanging up. mom laughed, then got me to call X back, and she took the phone, cheekily going "gabrielle isn't ready for bed yet, but i am." lol...i tell you... my mom...:)

ladida...last paper tomorrow...maths at 7 am...oh joy my brain will so definitely be working not looking forward to get them back. anywayz...bye!!!!

p.s. i think i'm falling in love :)
Tuesday, September 23, 2003
It's 11.07PM right now and guess what? I'm stuck with my freaking news summary project!! For goodness sake, I've been sitting and starring at the computer since 7PM and I've been browsing through the net ever since then!! I tell you, this two-faced teacher *cough* Ms.Nancy *cough* is such a killer! If she doesn't at least give me a 18/20 marks, I'll so throw her down the fourth floor, mind, with the rest of her luggage!! Plus, I have to go for a stupid Buddy System thingy that was on right before my presentation!!!!!! *Seriously considering* Should I skip it?!


On the bright side however *eyes twinkling* I'm getting my GameCube this Saturday, mwa ha ha ha ha... ahhh!!

*choke choke choke*

*Take a moment to get my bearings*

Okay, if I'm lucky, note the word IF, the game I've been waiting for nearly a month now (Tales of Symphonia) will arrive!! Then I'm so gonna stay up late and play it three days straight without sleep!!! *evil laughter at the background* Gosh, people who won't know me must be thinking that I'm crazy... *shrugg* oh well, who cares!! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!

*choke choke choke*

Oh BTW, Gabby darling, how are you? I've never seen you for awhile and definitely haven't talk with you for the longest time! I tell you, we must really go for the Anime Convention thingy on this Saturday together! Have Flora tell you about it yet? But oh well, love from me to you!! And good luck for your exam!!

*Look at the clock*

It's getting late now, so I'm gonna continue with the torture I've got myself into for taking Geography. I'll see you people soon, buh bye!!!!

PS: My sister is coming back this Sunday!! Can't wait to see what goodies she's got for me!!
Monday, September 22, 2003
Bleh, just finished typing up a load of stuff for English Society. There's just sooooo much extra work, I tell ya, that just seems to pop out of nowhere. I've got a Law presentatation tomorrow, but that's ok, coz I'm just doing a really short case.

@_________@ Waaaah! I'm so going to die for my BKA exam I tell you! >_> No dictionaries are allowed in the exam hall; how the hell am I gonna do my karangan?! @#$T^%&%*& Grah!~

Ooh, that sux Gab! Off all the luck to see her!! Blech. ^^;; I tell you, guys are blur *cough* ^^, and Ross is like, no exception :p I take it the accounting exam didn't go all that well then? Hope you'll do fine in your econs one! Oh dearie...what about the cat? Find out about that for me please? Now my mum's asking about it as well ^^;; See ya!
not so pissed off..... :)
ladida....okay you guys can tell, i'm not annoyed anymore. typical me. when i'm annoyed, stay away, or as flo so aptly put it, i'll bite your head off. luckily, my temper goes really quickly....heh heh....and yes, i admit that was written in the midst of a lava-pouring-out-of-my-head session, and no...not annoyed anymore.

anyway, have been laughing to myself over something...remember when i said we saw june just now? well..she was staring at ross, and at first i thought it was a "oh, it's ross" kind of stare. but now when i think about it, besides that "oh its ross" stare, it was an "i've got a haircut, i have a fringe, will he look at me, notice it and come running back?" stare. and it was hilariuos. why? for starters, she looked awful!!! hahaha..i'm not being mean...seriously...ah you just have to see for yourself. and secondly, ross didn't even look at her! he totally dissed her!!! tee hee. i'm so mean. but hey, i'm sick of that girl.

something else that was really really funny and had my whole family laughing happened last night. will tell you guys asap. :) but for now.....econs!!!!!
Pissed off
had my accounts paper today...blahness to the extreme. i think i now know why i looooooove accounts exams so much....cos my mind is normally blank and i get to dream a lot, that's why! nothing balanced, i tell you. NOTHING!

then after that, i gave ross a ride back. walked out to bizarro, but because mom's car was picking us up, he didn't know he had to wait for us there. so he was at the school gates. so we had to double back. i was already annoyed. then, we had to meet june. yes june. (if you boys don't understand, ask flo.)

anyway, i saw her first. and i told ross. but he was striding ahead of me for who knows what reason, and therefore didn't hear me. eventually he saw melissa (claims he didn't see her, and only saw the sidekick.), and they saw him. i know that much for sure. worse still when it registered in his guy-brain that they were there. he strode off even faster. guys!!!!

his reason? cos he thought that i didn't want her to see us together. please lah! who gives a ___________ what she thinks? i don't care if she thinks we're siblings, friends or a couple! i mean...if we're ever going to head anywhere, why does it matter what she cares? what utter crap. as far as i'm concerned, i'm better off being a lesbian. (oooooh flooooo....*wink**wink* you can tell, my temper has cooled off.)

guys! sick of them! (of course except you two. speaking of which, cheer me up ken!!! i want broooooownies.....puhlease.) although i really think it'll be okay once he's apologised enough :) heh heh

muaks to you all. have to go study cos have to crawl out of bed at an unbearable hour tomorrow. seven o clock paper. *shudder*
Sunday, September 21, 2003
Darling dear, they are boys after all ^^ you know that these two are especially forgetful. I bet you Ken forgot about it completely. I *really* don't think you want to know my accounting mark dear. I'd have used up my 9 lives as a cat when you're done, and added some negatives onto it as well. o_O Fanclub to herself?! Goodness gracious me, pleaaaaaase tell me that you're kidding? She just sounds really psycho, ya know? Therapy or something is required.

All the best for your exams dear!
I know i should be studying, but i have to clear my inbox if not the stupid thing would be full.

accounts. oh joy. and what did you get, you sick person? sometimes, i'm sooooooo envious of your brains i tell you. it's like i have this mental block for accounts, and i go mad trying to get over it.

arielle's fanclub is to herself! sad anyone is a fan of hers. i tell you, that girl has serious should have seen what she wore that day...all of us went "urgh" when we saw her. fitting white top, pleated grey skirt, grey socks pulled high and blue and yellow shoes! it was waaay gross. that's my opinion anyway. hahahaha...okay okay...going off now...wish me luck. and where are the guys anyway? haven't read anything from them!
Holy Crud!
O_______O;;;; Gods, Gab! You are right! >_> I just decided to be 'pat' and look at her site, and it's totally puke-worthy. <_< There's even a fanclub?! Goodness gracious. Just total total eeeeeew factorness.
Lol, yay! Gab finally got through to the stupid thing. She's right, you can't even begin to imagine how many names we came up with...and how many were already taken! ^_^; She was getting so very frustrated, but oh well, all's well and good now.

Anyways, Accounting trials huh? Sux for you. :p You'd definitely murder me then if you knew what my Accounting % average was for the first half of midterm. Yup, sliced, chopped and diced, that would be me indeed. Eeeeew, are they nuts?! 7 AM?! Jeez, they're insane, that they are! O_____O Dearie girl, please please *please* use paragraphs! ^^;; My eyes hurt!!! Lol, I see that you're indeed going insane at home; must've been the reason why you ranted so much.

Oh, btw, did you know? Charity Day has been postponed til Oct. 1, so you'll be able to come 'round to the stall and buy food, see? Ain't that great? Anyhow, good luck for the rest of your exams and I'll see you again soon Gabs!
Saturday, September 20, 2003
errrr...when i said "if you guys are a couple" in my previous ranting, i didn't mean you boys with another boy as a couple. although, if you wanted to, it'd be perfectly fine :P
Heyo!!! Finally, i've been able to sign "gamihuey". oh joy. ah well, beggars can't be choosers, right? and as Flo well knows, i was practically going MAD last night, (i really think it was the link) because nothing worked! and we tried everything. except swear words. come to think of it...those may have worked! hahaha....going mad. TRIALS are here. does anyone care that i'm going stark raving mad? i've got ACCOUNTS on monday, and I HATE ACCOUNTS. on top of that, my exams for tuesday, wednesday and thursday all START at SEVEN AM! which means i have to crawl out of bed by 5.45 to reach college in time to go into the hall to sit for the paper. if i were the type, this would be the time my suicidal instincts kicked in, and i went and flung myself off...erm...ah well, something or another that's waaaaay up high.

Hmmm...what else...oh oh oh...i know! arielle (background info for the boys: arielle is this girl in my class who only weighs 35 kg, and is darned proud of it. she tends to sound like minnie mouse on helium, and loves to show off her weird sense of fashion. she's currently redesigning her website, if not you guys could go see and howl with laughter. her inspirations to become a better person in life are her christina aguilera cd's. erm...what else...she tends to be superficial and waaaaaaaaaaaaay materialistic. and word of advice, never let her near any of your guy friends or any guy you're interested in, cos even if you guys are a couple, she's not above trying to steal him....before she chose her last bf, she sent one of her friends to see the house he lived in, ie, how many levels, how many and what kind of cars he had get the idea) wanted to ask ross to prom! and she almost did....but ross was saved by the entrance of my english teacher. arielle was just standing out there, and all of us in the class were rolling around with laughter. and then i got called out. and arielle went "i'm here". I stared at her and went "so??" and she went "how should i ask him to prom?" and all i could do was bite my tongue to stop the laughter and give her a blank face, saying "i'm from an all girls' school. how would i know?" and just then, my english teacher came. so...ross was saved. ross got waaaay annoyed with her though (he hates being stalked, and he's got june as well. hahaha...hilariousity!) and he was going to tell her to her face that he doesn't like her. and that no, he doesn't want to go for prom. but donna (english class classmate) and i felt that that may be too harsh, so we though we'd be nice and I'd (lucky me) tell her that ross wasn't really planning to go to prom, and even if he did, he'd go with his classmates. (no, not with me. i know what you guys are thinking) so i went and told her. the whole point of this was to help her...errr...."save face" ? or in other words, make an utter ass of herself. however, the next day, she forced one of ross' friends who's in her english class to msg ross and ask if he had a prom date. understandably, ross just ignored the sms. and because english was right before break, she went and waited outside ross' class, hoping to get a glimpse of her beloved "legolas"....hahaha....she has this idea that ross resembles orlando bloom...and unfortunately for ross, she's madly in love with orlando bloom, and thinks he's the cutest guy ever. she thinks ross is the cutest guy in SAM (we HOWLED with laughter over that one) and she is trying her best to get him to take her to prom. hahaha...oh oh, her website now is so weird...she refers to herself in third person, eg "arielle will be away at the end of september ...." jason says that people who do this are narcisstic. and i for one believe him! :)

going many things happening...i need brownies, and ken's are the best!!!! :P (*hint**hint*) anyway, better go now...need my sleep :) nitez!!!!!!

p.s. for entertainment purposes only:
(she's not done with it expect more...hahaha...i'm soooooooooooooooo bad :))
Some Changes
Hey peeps! Sorry, changed the template so I could include some info about everyone. Hurry up and blog lazy bums! ^^
Friday, September 19, 2003
Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

Genki genki minna!! First post here... so me got nothing to say for now!!! So me buh bye first and get next one up real quick, yah?

Ta ta!!
XD People people people! Tadah! New blog up for us crazy 4, so use it to communicate!

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